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Brian Dragich

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Medical Marketing

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Tidal Wave Marketing

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Brian has extensive experience across all different business environments. Having worked in corporate engineering consulting, worn many hats in his own family’s successful business, and being a partner in a previous digital agency, Brian uniquely understands what digital needs start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small business have to propel themselves.
He brought his family’s multimillion dollar business into the digital age by truly understanding who they serve and who their ideal customers are, unifying their branding, redesigning their website and digital platforms, moving away from all print advertising to a strategic content and social media marketing strategy, and even launching an all new loyalty program. Because of these efforts web traffic doubled year over year, customer engagement grew steadily, sales skyrocketed, and repeat customers came back for more over and again.
Brian brings all these experiences to Tidal Wave Marketing to best serve our medical marketing clients while maintaining an attractive esthetic today’s top physicians deserve.