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Evan Schwartz

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Long-term disability, insurance fraud, liability claims

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Schwartz Law PC

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For almost 25 years, Evan has successfully represented disabled professionals in claims and lawsuits against long-term disability insurance companies. During that time, he and his team have collected hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients, by aggressively and doggedly pursuing these insurance companies, forcing them to keep the promises they made.

In 2002, Evan designed and filed the first ever claims  practices class action against UnumProvident Corporation,  a case that changed the corporate behavior of long-term  disability insurance companies across the country, and  helped many thousands of disabled people. The case created a model for other lawyers to follow, to protect the rights of the disabled against their insurance companies.

Evan also ran the first law firm to create a unit dedicated to representing professionals in the long-term disability claims process. His current firm, Schwartz Law, continues his proud tradition of representing disabled professionals in the filing and managing of their long- term disability claims, getting their claims paid without filing lawsuits, and preventing the long-term  disability insurance companies from stopping payments.

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